We are Grassroots East Boulder, an activist group with a new name that embodies our actions and our future.

We came together from many different paths – progressive campaigns, the Women’s March, Indivisible, and Pantsuit Nation. We are part of the Resistance. Through events, protests, letters, phone calls, and education, we work for social and racial justice, support immigrants, defend our environment, advocate for an effective health care system for all, and demand gender equity.

We are also taking positive actions to turn Colorado from purple to blue and to elect local and state candidates who support our progressive values. We want to make Colorado a “buck stops here” state. No matter what’s going on at the federal level, we will not let it happen here. We will testify at the State Assembly, liaison with our state elected officials, and do whatever we can to further progressive initiatives.

We are a community. With members from all over Boulder and surrounding counties, we act together, provide support, share ideas, and make a positive difference in Colorado and the United States.




(Icons: Hand by Christoper from the Noun Project)