Our mission is to unite, act and elect. That’s why we are engaging with 2017 local elections! On October 8, we will be teaming with our sister Indivisible group, Broomfield CAN, to participate in a canvassing event for Broomfield City Council Candidates who support limits on fracking.

Broomfield is Ground Zero for the fight over whether / how oil & gas development can take place in residential communities and on open space. This issue affects Boulder County, too! It is also Ground Zero for whether / how local governments can regulate oil & gas operations – setbacks, safety, noise & odor. And, national Republican PACs are targeting the candidates who support environmental protections.

We will partner people who are uncomfortable knocking on doors. (Even some known and complete introverts are willing to try this because this election is so important!)

For more information, email us at grassrootsboulder@gmail.com.